January 2023

QCCN held three Caregiver Seminars for a fellow nonprofit organization Women for Afghan Women (WAW) on 1/10 to 1/12/2023. The goal of the workshops was to provide critical caregiving knowledge to newly arrived immigrants from Afghanistan. QCCN reviewed the milestones for child development, recommended nutrition guidelines, common academic and socio-emotional challenges, and differing parenting styles.

The series was led by Dawn Mastoridis, Director of QCCN and Wendy Lee, Education Director with support from Nalanie Hariprasad, Health & Safety Team Coordinator and Senior Family Worker, Dora Aviles. The information provided covered Early Childhood, School-Age and Teenage Children. WFW provided translators for the attendees.

The series was a great success; all who attended were able to learn new information and critical concepts on caregiving. QCCN was issued a letter of appreciation and support from WAW for this unique collaborative effort.